Kevin Carroll

Founder, KC Katalyst LLC

After serving in the Air Force for ten years and earning his college degree, Kevin Carroll, author, speaker, and agent for social change, became an athletic trainer at the high school and collegiate levels in Philadelphia. His expertise in athletic performance was recognized by the 76ers organization and led to his job as the Head Athletic Trainer for the Philadelphia 76ers in 1995.

While at the 76ers, Nike tapped Kevin to bring his unique experiences to the sneaker giant in 1997. Although no job “officially” existed at the time, Kevin was directed to create a position at the company that would add value to the overall mission of the brand. Kevin accepted the challenge and stayed for seven years as “Katalyst” (the ‘K’ is for Kevin): a creative change agent.

At Nike, he was instrumental in helping the company develop a deeper understanding of athletic product performance, team dynamics, and interpersonal communication. Kevin left Nike in 2004 to create his own company, Kevin Carroll Katalyst/LLC, committed to elevating the power of sport and play around the world.

As a consultant and author of three highly successful books published by ESPN, Disney Press and McGraw-Hill, Kevin has helped turn creative ideas into reality for organizations such as The National Hockey League, ESPN, Starbucks (his words appeared on 17 million Grande cups), The National Basketball Association, The Walt Disney Company, Mattel, Hasbro, Procter & Gamble, The Discovery Channel, Capital One, and many others.

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