Christopher Lester:

The sixth sense of marketing: how our brains rule when & why we click

Filmed Friday, May 1st 2015

Did you know our brains are hard-wired to have gut reactions in three seconds or less? When you consider that fact along with how much noise comes to us via email, mobile, and various other channels, you might think your job as a marketer is doomed. But that’s far from the truth. Watch Emma’s own Christopher Lester as he connects what we know about user experience and cognitive behavior with marketing expertise. You’ll discover how our brains process everything from images to subject lines to buttons, so you can create messages that consistently break through the noise.

Christopher Lester


Christopher Lester is the vice president of sales at Emma where he leads the team of experts who provide strategic and tactical services to all Emma clients. His passion for celebrating in style — we’re talking anything from a stellar open rate to his dog Olive’s birthday — just makes him extra fun to be around.