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videos » 2016 » Courtenay Rodgers, Jeffrey Buntin, John Lane, Joey Tacket:

Managing Client Expectations in the Modern Marketing Era

Filmed Tuesday, April 19 2016 | Grand Foyer

What happens when three separate agencies (Buntin, Centerline, and Focus One) in three separate areas of expertise get together in a panel scenario? An impactful session that really gets at what agencies are doing to keep their clients up to speed in the modern marketing era. Marrying the latest channels and technology with branding and creative, join Jeffrey, John and Joey as they discuss the shifting role of the agency in the digital era, multi-channel strategies, client relationships, and more.

Courtenay Rodgers


NAMA & Girls to the Moon As a tech consultant, Courtenay Rogers translates “geek speak” for her clients, working to ensure projects align properly with overall marketing and business strategy, timelines and budgets. She’s the cofounder of a company called Girls to the Moon that empowers young girls to change the world.

Jeffrey Buntin

The Buntin Group

Jeffrey is President, CEO and Chief Strategy Officer of The Buntin Group, which is among the top 35 U.S. independent firms and an ADWEEK-recognized top 100 U.S. agency. His strategy work has been covered in BRANDWEEK, The New York Times, Business Week and the Wall Street Journal.

John Lane

Centerline Digital

Centerline As a kid, John Lane used to run to the bathroom during TV shows just so he could make it back for the commercials. Those days launched him down a path that included communications strategy for political campaigns; marketing strategy for Gensler; and the implementation of new programming for Centerline Digital. Today, as Centerline’s Chief Strategy Officer, he specializes in developing marketing strategies for clients like IBM, DuPont and CEI.

Joey Tacket

Forum One

Joey Tackett, Managing Director of Creative at Forum One, has built his career developing and managing brands for non-profits, startups, trade associations, the Federal government, and Fortune 500 companies, with a focus on brands for cause-driven organizations and grassroots programs.