How StyleBlueprint Became a Million Dollar Brand

videos » 2016 » Liza Graves, Elizabeth Fox, Jamie Dunham:

How StyleBlueprint Became a Million Dollar Brand

Filmed Wednesday, April 20 2016 | Event Hall

When Liza Graves and Elizabeth Fox launched their popular website StyleBlueprint in 2008, they knew it could be bigger than just a blog. In fact, they planned for it. Now, the two have expanded their brand into five Southern cities, and their site has been visited by over three million unique readers in just the past year alone. In this session, learn the specific marketing strategies these two savvy ladies used to catapult StyleBlueprint into a million-dollar brand.

Liza Graves


Liza Graves is the Cofounder of StyleBlueprint, a digital marketing company which includes, their publication with seven editions of hyper-local content targeted at women and a fair amount of enlightened men!

Elizabeth Fox


Elizabeth Fox is Cofounder of StyleBlueprint, LLC, a digital media company that targets women in the South. With a background in broadcast sales and management, Elizabeth is responsible for revenue growth in StyleBlueprint’s seven markets.

Jamie Dunham


Jamie Dunham leads Brand Wise, a brand strategy firm with a focus on building cultural relevancy for brands. A postmodernist on the subject of branding, Dunham works to ensure consistent branding across all consumer touchpoints to tell the brand story and engage consumers.