Unlock the Power of the Fan

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Unlock the Power of the Fan: A Primer for Living at the Intersection of Brands + Music + Tech

Filmed Wednesday, April 20 2016 | CMA Theater

There’s a landscape full of opportunity for marketers in the music and entertainment industry, where artists and celebrities are the conduit of brand sentiment to an engaged and passionate group of fans. This panel will be an introduction to strategically leveraging consumer passions, influencers, and social audiences to build meaningful and memorable campaigns on the behalf of your brand.

Lindsay Bertelli


As president of REACH, Lindsay Bertelli has over 15 years experience in tour and event production and sponsorship management. Her work with top entertainment and corporate clients has made her a well-known force in the industry with the expertise to navigate the growing sponsorship environment.

Jaime Heller

Ritholz Levy

Jaime Heller is an entertainment and corporate attorney in the Nashville office of Ritholz Levy. Her practice includes new and existing artists, writers, music producers, and record labels. She also offers general counsel in matters relating to venues, festivals, and more.

Wayne Leeloy

G7 Entertainment

Wayne Leeloy is the Head of Brand Partnerships and Digital Strategy for G7 Entertainment Marketing, the entertainment vertical for Project: WorldWide. He leads the charge on entertainment strategies and new business development, providing client services and relationship management as well as integrated digital expertise, and actionable data for their full roster of clients.

Erin Parker

Red Light Management

Red Light Management's brand partnership arm works across a diverse portfolio of talent, festivals and assets. Erin and her team provide leadership in finding and evaluating sound partnerships that work well with career and sales growth goals.