Ben Rigsby

Co-Founder and President, SnapShot Interactive

Ben Rigsby

Co-Founder of SnapShot Interactive and ECOS, Rigsby serves as the creative, strategic, and technical lead for design, motion graphics, development and product innovation. Through these disciplines, Rigsby solves his number one challenge - removing the friction out of the digital process for clients and elevating the level of what’s possible. Rigsby received his Bachelor of Arts from Virginia Intermont College with a specialization in multimedia design and production before eventually directing the creative and operational efforts of online multimedia at cj Advertising in Nashville, TN. Rigsby then went on to co-found SnapShot Interactive, a digital agency and later ECOS, an interactive presentation platform.

In addition to leading the creative and innovative efforts at SnapShot and ECOS, Rigsby is avid in the arts community stemming from his dance and photography backgrounds. He works with local schools in the Nashville community to bridge the level of understanding in digital from inside the classroom to outside. When he isn’t entranced in his work, he soaks up the time enjoying life with his lovingly supportive wife Sarah, their two children and two dogs. Rigsby can be contacted through

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