Jay Acunzo

Host of "Unthinkable" Podcast,
Formerly of Hubspot and Google, Unthinkable

Jay Acunzo is in a life-long fight with best practices. But more on that in a moment.

Jay is an award-winning podcaster, a dynamic keynote speaker, and a veteran digital and content marketer. He was a digital media strategist at Google and head of content for multiple startups, including HubSpot. He spent several years scaling a venture capital firm called NextView using narrative storytelling, and he is now the host and producer of several web series about the meaning people find in the work they do. He’s been called a “savant in all things creativity” by Salesforce and hosts “one of the hottest new podcasts out there,” according to Entrepreneur Magazine.
Jay’s podcast, Unthinkable, explores examples of work that seems crazy … until you hear their side of the story. The show is a journey to understand what it takes to break from conventional thinking and achieve more exceptional things in your work.

Over the past decade, Jay has built editorial strategies from scratch for startups and produced attention-grabbing shows for media companies and brands. and toured the world speaking to organizations big and small about the power of questioning best practices. His work has been cited in courses at Harvard Business School, by writers at the New York Times and the Washington Post, and by investors on TV’s Shark Tank.
Tips, tricks, cheats, and hacks are flooding the business internet today. It is Jay’s professional mission to defeat this Advice Overload and help others unleash their full potential.