Lauren Keeton

Director of Digital Media,
Fox Restaurant Concepts

Lauren is a passionate idea creator who won’t take no for an answer. She’s worked at large creative shops in NY and LA on the account team - projects include: sending a rocket into space, auto–tuning Justin Timberlake and creating McDonald’s uniforms meant for Fashion Week. She’s settled into the desert for the past few years as the Director of Digital Marketing and Strategic Partnerships at Fox Restaurant Concepts – which gives her the major bonus of talking about food and wine all day. She’s incredibly keen on U/X, not using too many hashtags, creating smart brand partnerships and looking at things from a different point of view. She is a people connector and was born with hospitality in her blood and loves solving a good debate by using analytics and creativity.

Lauren gets anxiety if there’s not a trip coming up on her American Airlines account as travel is incredibly important to her— she uses work as an excuse to eat and drink all the things. She escapes work for 60 minutes at a time on her yoga mat and sometimes for hours of uninhibited laughter playing with her two kids