Marketing United Roadshow: Presented by Campaign Monitor

December 05, 2018

We are coming to Brussels!

Marketing United is on the road, bringing marketers together in cities across the world. Learn what other marketers are doing to reach their customers, and hear from Campaign Monitor Chief Marketing Officer Shane Phair on How GDPR Saved Email Marketing.


  • 0830 - 0900
    Registration, Networking, & Breakfast
  • 0900 - 0930
    3 Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Email Results

    Nora Snoddy, Director of Communications, Campaign Monitor

  • 1000 - 1030
    How GDPR Saved Email Marketing

    Shane Phair, Chief Marketing Officer, Campaign Monitor


What is Marketing United?

Marketing United is a collection of marketing thought leaders bringing best practices, new insights, and exciting ideas to marketers everywhere.

These thought leaders can be seen across the world at Marketing United Roadshows, where marketers come together to learn new ways of reaching customers in an environment that’s constantly changing.

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