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The Story of Netflix: Marketing Innovation and the Next Wave of Disruption

Filmed Thursday April 20, 2017 | CMA Theatre

During this fireside chat, Jay Baer and Mitch Lowe discuss the story of Netflix, along with:

  • Execution for maximum ROI: how to achieve maximum results in any situation
  • Innovation: building support and commitment to achieve innovative results
  • Creating a winning culture

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Mitch Lowe


Mr. J. Mitchell Lowe, also known as Mitch, has over 25 years of executive experience in the entertainment retail space. From creating his own chain of video rental stores to serving as a founding executive for Netflix and the President of RedBox, Mitch has held executive positions at two of the most groundbreaking and influential companies in the home video entertainment business since the 1980s.

Mitch has had a hand in revolutionizing the way video and streaming services are delivered to homes, phones and other devices around the world today. He got into the entertainment business in the 1980’s when he opened his own successful chain of video rental machines and rental stores called Video Droid. It was at a trade show in 1997 when Mitch met Marc Randolph, fellow co-founder of Netflix. Together with Reed Hastings, the trio created what is now known as the top video streaming service in the world.

He also served as Netflix’s Vice President of Business Development & Strategic Alliances before joining the team at RedBox in 2003. While there he served as the COO and President until 2011. Under Mitch’s leadership Redbox grew from $36k in his first year to $1.5B in revenue 8 years later with over $300M in free cash flow. His colleagues have praised him for his brilliant approach to inspiring and energizing employees to help keep the company moving and thinking forward. He helped to build a strong management team and was instrumental in developing the concept of $1 per night new release DVD rentals.

Since late 2011, he has been an independent consultant for entrepreneurs and startups. Mitch is a top keynote speaker for corporate conferences, internal meetings, leadership summits and other industry events. Lowe is also Partner at Crestlight Venture Partners, LLC, and is a board member for Cantaloupe Systems, Booxby, GoChip, and Notis Global. Currently, Mitch is the CEO of MoviePass, Inc.