Justine Jordan



FILMED FRIDAY APRIL 21st, 2017 | CMA Theater

“Code like it’s 1999.” “Email marketing is easy.” “Email is dead!”
Whether you’ve been in the industry for five minutes or five years, you’ve probably heard these generalizations about email—and none of them are true. But fears, myths, and fallacies like these that continue to hold email marketing back when the truth is that nothing has replaced, displaced, or outpaced email as one of the most effective (and innovative!) means to engage customers and build lifetime value for brands. This session will ease the fears, bust the myths, and correct the fallacies which have deterred marketing pros from questioning the status quo and has handicapped true innovation in email.

After mastering table-based HTML in college, Justine fell in love with the unruly art of email design, helping some of the world’s biggest brands build and manage their email campaigns. Justine is currently VP of Marketing at Litmus, where she and her team are obsessed with helping marketers create, test, and send better email. Named “Email Marketing Thought Leader of the Year” by the Direct Marketing Association in 2015, Justine is also informally known as “Judge Jordan” for her candid, relatable, and actionable advice. She’s strangely passionate about this email marketing thing, hates being called a spammer, and still gets nervous when it’s time to hit the send button.