Tom Webster

Edison Research


FILMED THURSDAY APRIL 20th, 2017 | CMA Theater

You’ve answered all the questions your prospects have about your category or product. You’ve written white papers on the problem your company solves. You’ve turned that content into webinars, blog posts, and videos. Now what? Now you need a strategy to go beyond “helpful” content, and get back to the heart of marketing: creating and anticipating demand. But demand isn’t just marketing’s problem—it’s a holistic exercise that has to involve every aspect of your business.

Tom Webster is Vice President of Strategy and Marketing for Edison Research, a custom market research company best known as the sole providers of exit polling data during US elections for all the major news networks. He has over 20 years of experience researching consumer usage of technology, new media, and social networking, and is a frequent keynote speaker on consumer behavior and data.